Established from a legacy of caring that began in 1944 when a group of business, civic and religious leaders came together for a good and common
purpose, BCFS Health and Human Services has for decades responded to the needs of millions of children, adults and families facing horrific challenges
and circumstances.

Founded first as an orphanage for 3 young Mexican girls who were not allowed in the public orphanage, BCFS Health and Human Services then and now
strives to be fearless in the expansion of our capabilities, and choose to boldly initiate strategies to overcome obstacles and bridge the gaps in service to
humanity. The paths taken are seldom easy, but the needs of people – all people – will always take precedence over tough and even unpopular

BCFS Health and Human Services provides the highest possible professional standard of care and response unto the least of us. Often, BCFS Health and
Human Services has been the only resource that would or could respond to care for those most in need.
At the heart of our vision is the desire to provide care, service and compassion to all. We take this responsibility very seriously. Doing the right thing has
proven to be a pathway to success for BCFS Health and Human Services and the people helped by the nonprofit over the years; it is a path we will
continue down for decades to come.